Friday, 30 April 2010

The power of the May Queen

The element of Water triumphs over dead bodies of vikings when the May Queen with one gesture calms the sea.
"That's enough!"
Sirens surround the Vikings, their voices powerfull, the creatures full of magic with keening bring back to life the dead ones. The Siren Champion Mergen Swan takes Viking Champion Wilde Ordfurna hand and they walk together towards the Goddess. They offer her a gift - the drinking horn fill with mead. She accepts it.
The sea is calm. Sirens and vikings are united.
But the red mist is approaching them.
It's not a mist, they are Reds the energy of chaos and mischief. Newborn to the world are discovering their emotions, sexuality, freedom. The Sirens show them the passion and they dance together, while watched by the vikings. Wilde Ordfurna blows the horn - the Reds start taking away the Sirens, they draw their attention more and more, so the vikings chase them away.
Sirens together with Vikings sail away to the sea and only the full moon is watching.
Suddenly an evil roar drags the attention of Freo Wulf.
He points towards big wave - it is a Jormungand The World Serpent! He brings all the negativity to the sea, to the Sirens. He is strong, only united forces can destroy it. Sirens side by side with Vikings fight the Jormungand.
The sea is calm again.....