Thursday, 29 October 2009


Samhuinn tells us the ancient story of a battle between light and dark, summer and winter.

The Green Man is starting to decay as the seasons draw colder, his darkness is arising, and will manifest as the Horned God, King of The Winter.
Two Kings and their forces of magical creatures will do battle with fire, ritual and drums for the hand of the Cailleach, The All Powerful Goddess.

Join us in our spectacular staging of this eternal story, where light battles dark, summer battles winter and the future of the world is at stake.

If you're in Edinburgh on 31st Oct, come and join us to celebrate Samhuinn. The start is at the castle (9pm), down the Royal Mile to St.Giles cathedral where the battle of the kings take place. And is for free ;]

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  1. how I wish I was in edinburgh for the 31st... maybe some day... Wishing you Samhain blessings for the upcoming weekend