Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mince pie

When I first tasted mince pie I was suprised. I thought it supposed to be a pastry with a meat in it ;]

Mince pies are a British festive sweet pastry, traditionally consumed during the Xmas and New Year period.  They are filled with mincemeat – a preserve typically containing apple, dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas, spices, and either suet or vegetable shortening. Well, originally, mincemeat always contained meat.

And I didn't really like it.
But from past few days I felt like eating mince pie  o_O
As the desire grew, my salivary glands were producing more and more saliva, making my hunger center very distracted.
As a result I bought for the first time, just for me, mince pies ;]

Recipe how to make mincemeat and more facts about mince pies you find on Jen's Ramblings of a Newbie Pagan


  1. hee hee, now my mouth is watering! We're doing mince meat today at Domestic Witch too!

  2. Hello, I finally managed to make it over to see you here. Ta for the link. Didn't realise you were in scotland for some reason thought you were in America?!

    I've tagged you in a yule game survey, hope thats ok?