Saturday, 9 January 2010

Frozen Britain seen from above

Global warming caused ice age in UK

(photo taken on 07.01.2010 by NASA's Terra Satellite)

It's bloody freezing here in Edinburgh :/  Yesterday morning on the bottom of my bedroom window I found frozen condensation water. Heating is EXTREMELY expensive here. So we have it on just for a 4-6hrs per day, usually once we are back from work, in the evening (me and my flatmates).
Yes, I do support global warming ;]


  1. I love the picture! its cold down this end too but unlike you lot us southern softies can't cope with it, pathetic or what! might pilfer the photo for my blog later if that is ok with you?


  2. Oh honey! I'm sending warm thoughts to you!! What a shame that our basic necessities, like heat, could rob us blind!