Monday, 25 January 2010

Imbolc 2010

The snow has finally melted and the first snowdrops are beginning to raise their sleepy heads, come and join us celebrate the returning light and hope for the longer days to come. Imbolc, the feast of Brighid is upon us.

The story of The Cailleach and her birthing of The Golden Boy:

The Cailleach is heavily pregnant with the spark of life and hope of the returning sun. Brigid takes on the role of the midwife, aiding the Cailleach's labour. The Cailleach gives birth to The Golden Boy - the spark of life for the coming year. The Cailleach then continues her transformational journey and returns to her rock form.


  1. Oh I would LOVE to be there!

    I will celebrate here at home:)

  2. How did it go? did you have a good time?