Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Time, The Place

Ever wondered what is happening next week in New York City, Benin, Panama or Siberia?
What is the best time to witness young king penguins taking their first swim in Antarctica, visiting the outlandish Festival of the Desert in Mali, watching the Northern Lights at their most vivid in Lapland and paying homage to the King in Memphis, Tennessee, on Elvis Day.
What travel experience can you miss out by staying at home?
This is a travellers' guide to the one of the most awe-inspiring experiences to be had on each day of the year around the world. Each experience is accompanied by striking photography that evokes a very special time and place, while information boxes give transport, contact and timing details.

And my photograph from BELTANE FIRE FESTIVAL 2008 is in it!!! :]

Here is this photo in Beltane Gallery - Bonfire


  1. Tarot cards never lies. You are very talented Witch. Luv ya Sis :* Congratulations.

  2. how very very cool!!! congrats to you!!!

  3. WOOOOOow congrats! that is awesome! All of Your works are gorgeous:)

  4. I've seen that photo before when searching. Its a lovely one, well done, do I spy it on the ocver too?

  5. Jenandollie, you are right, the photo is on the cover too ;]