Sunday, 20 December 2009

Winter Solstice

The Winter is rollig on and the darkness is enveloping us.
The Earth sleeps, preparing itself for its emergence in Springtime.
The people of the land shiver and cosy in with each other, standing against the biting cold.
The trees stand bare and seemingly lifeless across the land. But all is not dead. Nature stares this adversity on the eye and refuses to die The Winter chill only serves to make us want to dance together, to share body heat, to eat til we're bursting, drink til we're merry and laugh til our faces ache.
Nature lives on, the Holly has sprouted its precious berries, its ostentatious and, some might say lascivious, scarlet hue warming the monochromatic melancholy, reminding us that the Wild Man of the Woods still stalks the land, surveying his Kingdom.
And the Winter King wants us to enjoy the season.
We have reached the shortest day, the longest night. From here on in we lookforward to the coming of the Spring. The emergence of snowdrops and daffodils is just round the corner. Together we shall light the darkness!
Come celebrate the Winter Solstice with your brethren, revel in the turning of the tide.

This year's Winter King gave me a special personal blessing
And he has a birthday the same day as me :]

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